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LLM Trust & Quality Assurance

Carefully monitoring your LLM output is perhaps the most vital stage of development. Mitigating risks such as bias, misinformation and hallucinations by implementing efficient guardrails is only possible with the right testing environment. Our tooling and services are designed to support the complexities that come with this phase of development.

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Red Teaming

Red-teaming involves adversarial testing and scenario simulations designed to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in LLM models.

Our red-teaming support includes rigorous adversarial testing, simulating real-world scenarios to identify model weaknesses. We conduct scenario simulations to assess performance under diverse conditions. Collaborating closely, we develop tooling to prioritize your specific vulnerabilities. Tailored mitigation strategies address identified weaknesses, fostering model resilience. We facilitate continuous improvement initiatives to adapt to evolving threats.

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Model Benchmarking

Conducting comprehensive benchmarking against industry standards is paramount for refining your model's performance. Harness our custom APIs and cutting-edge tooling technology to rigorously test and validate response quality, ensuring optimal outcomes for your project. Partner with us to elevate your model's performance to industry-leading standards and drive meaningful advancements in your field.

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